Did you know that some insurance policies will not provide coverage for on-hook exposure? Or if it tips over? Some policies don’t cover mechanical breakdown or losses dues to boom overload or subsidence. Other policies may include these risks but not provide enough coverage.

In heavy construction, frequency of loss is typically not the problem, it’s severity! That’s when your insurance must go from zero to hero!

So, do you know exactly what your policy covers? We suspect not. Too often we review existing policies for our new clients and find “insurance speak” terms that leave big risks uncovered.

It’s all too easy to miss omissions in your insurance policy, and those omissions can easily turn into risks that come back to bite you in the wallet. That’s why you need us. We have over 30 years experience insuring heavy construction businesses, including:

Mobile Crane on a road and tower crane in construction site
Crane & Rigging
Heavy Haul
Steel Erectors
Pier Drilling
Pile Driving
Concrete Pumping
Scaffolding Erection

Since we have strategic partnerships with virtually every company serving these classes of business, we can put together exactly the package you need. We understand the unique risks associated with the heavy construction industry—and we go the extra mile to understand your company and/or project’s specific needs.

We advise clients on managing heavy construction risks related to:

Workers’ Compensation
On-Hook and Riggers Liability
General Liability
Umbrella/Excess Liability
Commercial Auto Liability
Contractor’s Equipment
Motor Truck Cargo
Property Coverage
Management & Professional
Services Environmental Risks
Cyber Risks
International Exposures
Claims & Risk Control
Contract Review
Certificate Review & Tracking


Some agencies just look at your existing policy declarations and make assumptions about what you need. That’s not us. We actively consult with you over several short meetings. We strive to understand your business and unearth any gaps in coverage. Together we’ll figure out where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow—and the right combination of coverage that can help you get there. We also work for you throughout the policy term: reviewing your contracts, assisting you with claims, and ensuring a seamless renewal process. It’s a comprehensive, consultative approach that has earned us long term partnerships with many of the largest heavy construction companies in the nation, a 97.88% customer satisfaction rating, and winner of the IIABA Best Practices Agency Award six consecutive years in a row.

Virtually every insurance agency benchmarks a business against industry coverage norms. We don’t stop there. During our consulting process we review your exposure and your desired budget. Then, we work with you to understand your risk-tolerance profile and to locate GAPs relative to your risk-tolerance profile. We utilize this insight to construct the optimal policy customized for your business. Our comprehensive approach maximizes the ROI of your insurance spend.


Founded in 1983, CoVerica is proud to be a Dallas-based firm. We believe that our friendly, straightforward, Texan-style no-nonsense approach benefits our clients. We serve our clients better because we can take advantage of opportunities that exist outside of Texas. That’s one reason we write policies in 40 states.

Size matters. Our size provides enough insurance markets to compete for your business. Multiple markets allow for competition between various carriers, which allows us to deliver comprehensive comparisons that provide unique solutions to best serve our client’s needs.


“We have enjoyed a relationship with Gene and his team for many years. They are specialists in our industry and they advocate for us on a very high level. Their team places our needs first and we appreciate their great service as they go above and beyond the expectations that are normal for a commercial insurance agency.”
-Rob Nanni, President, North Texas Crane Service

“Ron and his service team at CoVerica has worked with our company for many years, his insight into the crane business from an insurance vantage point is very important to us, as he understands our business and consistently offers advice on reducing risk exposures for us. The CoVerica team offers great support and service!”
-Mike Thomas, General Manager, FB McIntire Company

“We have developed  a great partnership over the years with CoVerica, their dedication and knowledge of our industry is very important to us as it relates to coverages and risk management. I know Ron is an advocate for our industry, and his service team has the customer first in mind.”
– Craig Nash, Safety Director, Alamo Crane


At CoVerica, we believe that insurance isn’t just about the best quote (though you’ll get that, too). We think that agents should stick with their clients throughout the life of their policies, from underwriting to binding to renewal. We help you with all things insurance related: assisting with claims, reviewing contracts, offering safety education, and even making introductions to heavy construction law firms or loss control specialists. After all, insurance is supposed to cover your business for the long-term—shouldn’t your agent be earning their commission throughout the entire policy term?


New work is good news, but a new contract may contain hidden risks. Too many heavy construction contracts try to shift the risk from the general contractor to your business. Many agents don’t review contracts, but we consider it part of our job as your advocate. We’ll examine your contracts from a risk management and insurance vantage point before you sign them so that you’ll know if you’re taking on any additional risks.

In addition to assisting you with contracts, we can help you with work-order wording, B.30 regs, and other loss control recommendations are designed to keep you out of a claim in the first place.  We find being proactive makes a difference in preventing claims.


We have the experience and resources to assess the situation and mobilize the appropriate plan of action. Our objective is a swift and accurate settlement that represents your best interest! With our deep understanding of the construction vertical, we know what can, and what should be done.

It starts with assigning you a dedicated Claims Advocate, someone accountable for navigating the situation; depending on the severity of the issue, this can include reliable 3rd party input from claims personnel and executives from the crane carriers we represent. If necessary, we can engage engineering and law firms dedicated to crane accidents and related forensics to substantiate culpability. Rest assured, if you have a claim we will be with you every step of the way!


The CAB report is a Central Analysis Bureau report card that provides comprehensive, up-to-date information regarding a motor carrier’s safety, finances, and overall operations. This report plays a dominate role in the carrier’s ultimate pricing. We serve as your advocate by analyzing the CAB report and suggesting corrective measures to improve the accuracy of the report. For example, we might point out minor infractions such as a broken taillight or load securement infraction that never actually lead to any claims.


One of the biggest complaints we hear about other insurance agencies is that they take a hands-off approach regarding renewals. Many clients don’t hear from their agent until a few days before their renewal date. We don’t do that. As part of our consultative approach, we stay in touch with you from day one. Not only do we assist with claims, review contracts, and provide policy services, we meet with you throughout the year so that we know what’s happening with your business and any adjustments to your policies that may need to be made to maximize your ROI. And when it comes time to renew, we make sure it’s a painless, simple process—just part of a typical business cycle.

You'll never get that call from us. Never. To avoid surprises, we start early.

You’ll hear from us 90 days before your policy renewal date. We’ll meet to discuss your needs and the changes in both your business and the insurance environment. This timely approach allows us to go back to market to find other options if need be, and to come to you with a bind-able quote well before renewal, giving you time to make an informed decision.

Learn to Like Insurance.