PRESS RELEASE – Ron Thompson Recognized as Top 35 Producer by TCA

(Dallas, TX) – January 15, 2020.

CoVerica is proud to announce Ron Thompson’s recent recognition as a “Top 35 Producer” in the December edition of the Texas Construction Association newsletter. The Texas Construction Association (TCA) and the Texas Construction Safety Group nominated these producers because of their expertise in securing higher premium discounts for their construction clients. Because of the efforts of producers like Ron, the insured clients will have the opportunity of earning a second Texas Mutual Dividend.

“With over 20 years of service at CoVerica, Ron’s construction book has served as the catalysts for our current Global Construction practice.  Ron’s approach to risk mitigation and developing custom client insurance solutions is unrivaled in the industry and the benchmark of how we go to market as an agency.” says John Sutter, CoVerica’s President.

The Texas Construction Association is a membership organization “dedicated to creating and maintaining a vibrant and prosperous business climate within the Texas construction industry for subcontractors and suppliers.” TCA works on behalf of their members to ensure safe working environments, reasonable regulatory laws in the construction industry, and fairly distributed accountability.

CoVerica, circa 1983, offers unique insurance options, advocacy, and accountability with effective risk management solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CoVerica was awarded the IIABA Best Practice Agency consecutively for six years in a row for excellence in risk management expertise and servicing capabilities.

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