PRESS RELEASE: Kaleb Evans Earns ERIS Certification, Enhancing CoVerica Insurance’s Expertise in Energy Risk Management

Kaleb Evans Earns ERIS Certification, Enhancing CoVerica Insurance’s Expertise in Energy Risk Management


Dallas, TX – May 17, 2024 – CoVerica Insurance is proud to announce that Kaleb Evans has successfully earned an Energy Risk Insurance Specialist (ERIS) certification. This achievement highlights CoVerica’s commitment to providing specialized insurance solutions to commercial clients in the energy sector.

The ERIS certification is designated to professionals who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the complex risks associated with the energy industry, including oil and gas, renewable energy, and utilities. Kaleb Evan’s accomplishment reflects diligent coursework and examination, affirming his expertise in energy risk management. With this designation, Kaleb joins a group of insurance specialists equipped with advanced knowledge and skills to manage energy-related risks effectively.

“I’ve recently completed the ERIS (Energy Risk Insurance Specialist) designation, which has broadened my professional horizons. While I already had a solid understanding of the oil industry, this designation has provided me with a deeper insight into the insurance aspect of it, enabling me to converse more fluently with carriers on behalf of my clients. This gives me the ability to speak their language effortlessly, which enhances my ability to serve my clients effectively,” said Evans.

“I am very proud of the hard work and determination that Kaleb has shown in pursuing this specialized designation. As our agency is growing our specialty markets, this gives Kaleb the opportunity to be an expert in his field and provide our clients and prospects with the specialized attention they deserve. I am excited to see how he grows from here in the oil and gas insurance space,” said Alison Nielson, Director of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

As CoVerica continues to expand its services and expertise, the addition of Kaleb’s ERIS certification exemplifies the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Clients can expect enhanced support and customized insurance solutions designed to protect their investments and operations in the energy and oil & gas industries.

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