PRESS RELEASE – Chris Sterlacci as Managing Partner of CoVerica Agency Alliance

(Dallas, TX) – October 14, 2022

Effective immediately, Chris Sterlacci, current Chief Operating Officer (COO) for CoVerica Agency Alliance, has been named Managing Partner of CoVerica Agency Alliance.  Chris will continue his role as COO as he enters the managing partner position.

Upon graduation, Chris joined CoVerica Agency Alliance as a Regional Vice President (RVP), focusing primarily on the recruitment of new member agents. After displaying capacity and desire to further strengthen CoVerica’s relationship with other local independent agents, Chris was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) for CAA in 2016. “It is a great joy working with the alliance team and I am appreciative of the opportunity to serve them into the future” – Chris Sterlacci

“CoVerica’s commitment to its succession success, is aided with a separation of CoVerica’s two companies. Chris Sterlacci, will as managing partner of our sister company CoVerica Agency Alliance, assure focused attention toward increasing support for greater sales and profit to each of our 100+ local partner agencies. CoVerica with CoVerica Alliance, has premium writings in excess of $250M. Now between two proven, dedicated, veteran leaders, Chris Sterlacci and Rhonda Cox, our successful succession and ongoing profitable growth, will continue to provide excellence and consistency for all our insurance associates, employees, producers, customers and carriers alike” said Mike Sterlacci, Chairman.

“CoVerica’s binary focus with CoVerica Agency Alliance will offer our retail team the opportunity to hyper focus on future endeavors such as growth of our geographic footprint, scalable technology and enhanced training for staff. We look forward to working with Chris and his team so we both continue our successes as we all move forward in our new endeavors,” said Rhonda Cox, CoVerica, Inc’s President/CEO

About CoVerica Agency Alliance 

CoVerica Agency Alliance is a strategic master agency of SIAA, the fastest growing agency partnership in the country. Our “integrator” model combines the best aspects of each partnership model — clusters, aggregators, franchises — to create a one-of-a-kind partnership that enhances distribution and drives organic growth to strategic relationships.

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