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Life Insurance

Protecting you and your family.


Life Insurance

Let's protect you and your family together.

With so many life insurance choices for how to protect your family such as Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, convertible, variable, and tax deferred to just name a few, shopping for life insurance can be nothing short of overwhelming. It’s important to have a trusted advisor guide you through your life insurance coverage choices to meet your family’s needs both today and tomorrow.

  • How much life insurance is enough for my age, income, and family needs?
  • What kind of policy best fits your needs?
  • If I go with a Term Life Insurance policy, what kind of term options do I have?
  • How flexible will the policy be to changes in either my income, lifestyle or family?
  • How stable are the insurance companies that I am getting quotes from? (careful when shopping online… it’s important that the company is actually there when your family needs it)

CoVerica has graciously assisted families’ needs for over 25 years. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide you with options ranging from simple Term Life Insurance to complex multiple company-backed investment life insurance. There will be no pushy salesman here. CoVerica is strictly about finding the life insurance policy, rate, and coverage that matches your needs and budget to adequately protect the standard of living that you would like to leave your loved ones.

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