Protection for what matters

the most.

Rest easy with the knowledge that home-base is safe.

Your home isn't just your home, but it's also your investment. Homeowners Insurance protects your house with key coverages and features that give you both protection and piece of mind knowing that you didn't overpay year over year.

What does homeowners insurance actually cover?

The Physical Home

Other Physical Structures

Loss of Use

Liability Insurance


Other Coverages

  • The Physical Home – Home sweet home. This is the primary purpose of the policy as it covers repair and replacement to your home for any covered perils such as wind, hail, fire, theft or a host of other accidents that could keep you from living there. You will want to insure the value up to full replacement cost of your home to keep from paying any unexpected rebuild costs.
  • Other Physical Structures On The Premises – Have a detached garage, a pool house, or a shed on your property? The homeowners insurance policy extends its coverage to these secondary on-premises structures.
  • Loss of Use Coverage – This is a coverage that you never think you need until you actually need it. If for any reason you experience a claim and are unable to live in your home, this will reimburse you for your temporary living needs.
  • Liability Insurance – All Homeowner’s Insurance policies sold by CoVerica include some liability insurance for you and your family. This section of the policy covers your legal defense and damages if any of your covered family members cause damage to another person or their property.
  • Contents – It’s called contents but in actuality it should be called “stuff” insurance. Anything from clothing, furniture, appliances to the pictures on the wall; these items are covered on your policy up to specific limits per category unless otherwise noted.
  • Other Coverages Customized To Your Policy – Not all policies were created equal which is why CoVerica has always thought it was silly that most insurance companies force you into one of their “boxed” policies. If you have some expensive items such as firearms, jewelry, valuables or collectibles, of have another unique situation with your home such as you live in a flood zone, let us know. We’ll customized your policy to match your needs.

CoVerica represents the best of the best.

We're proud to have some of the best insurance carriers available for our clients. Our insurance partners are all "AM Best A+" rated which is the highest financial stability rating in the industry. CoVerica has been ranked as one of the best Homeowners Insurance Agents in Dallas by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America six years in a row.