Here’s a Sample Distracted Driving Policy

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the biggest auto claim for drivers. Even if you’re not one to pick up your phone while driving, modern infotainment and navigation systems can be distracting enough to a driver. At CoVerica, we’re taking this VERY seriously with our employees who have both a company vehicle or could be distracted with work interruptions while driving their personal vehicle. To address this, we rolled out our own Distracted Driver Policy for all of our employees. Feel free to use it in your own business and let our agents know if this was helpful to your organization.

Policy Below:


(Company Name)

Distracted Driving Policy

Please read the Distracted Driving Policy, sign and return to your supervisor.

In order to increase employee safety and eliminate unnecessary risks behind the wheel, (Company Name) has enacted a Distracted Driving Policy, effective (Implementation Date). We are committed to ending the epidemic of distracted driving, and have created the following rules, which apply to any employee operating a motor vehicle on company business or anytime any employee is operating a company vehicle or using a company-issued cell phone while operating a personal vehicle:

  • Company employees may not use a hand-held cell phone while operating a vehicle – whether the vehicle is in motion or stopped at a traffic light. This includes, but is not limited to, answering or making phone calls, engaging in phone conversations, and reading or responding to emails, instant messages, and text messages.
  • If company employees need to use their phones, they must pull over safely to the side of the road or another safe location.
  • Additionally, company employees are required to:
    • Turn cell phones off or put them on silent or vibrate before starting the car.
    • Consider modifying voice mail greetings to indicate that you are unavailable to answer calls or return messages while driving.
    • Inform clients, associates, and business partners of this policy as an explanation of why calls may not be returned immediately.
  • Each employee agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to indemnify and hold harmless (Company Name), including its stockholders, partners, employees, officers, agents, and directors, from all Claims in the event of any accident whether resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage or not, which is related to violation of this policy. Claims and this hold harmless shall include all claims, damages, losses, liability, and expenses including but not limited to Attorney’s fees as incurred.

I acknowledge that I have received a written copy of the Distracted Driving Policy, that I fully understand the terms of this policy, that I agree to abide by these terms, and that I am willing to accept the consequences of failing to follow the policy.

(Employee Signature Acknowledgement Block)