It is important to protect your business from claims and lawsuits that can arise and that you can’t see coming. From on-the-job employee accidents to property damages, we want to provide you with tailored coverage. You can have the appropriate measures in place for unexpected accidents or to replace any essential equipment.

CoVerica doesn’t go silent after the sale; we’re just getting started! We help you with everything from coverage reviews, certificate requests, contract reviews, claims management, and claims mitigation solutions. Your dedicated account manager and agent truly become part of your team.

We make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

General Liability
Commercial Property
Professional Liability
Cyber Liability
Business Income
Employee Dishonesty
Workers' Compensation
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Some agencies just look at your existing policy declarations and make assumptions about what you need. That’s not us. We actively consult with you over several short meetings. We strive to understand your business and unearth any gaps in coverage. Together we’ll figure out where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow—and the right combination of coverage that can help you get there. We also work for you throughout the policy term: reviewing your contracts, assisting you with claims, and ensuring a seamless renewal process. It’s a comprehensive, consultative approach that has earned us long term partnerships with many of the grocery stores around the nation, a 97.88% customer satisfaction rating, and winner of the IIABA Best Practices Agency Award six consecutive years in a row.

Virtually every insurance agency benchmarks a business against industry coverage norms. We don’t stop there. During our consulting process, we review your exposure and your desired budget. We then work with you to understand your risk-tolerance profile and to locate GAPs relative to your risk-tolerance profile, utilizing this insight to construct the optimal policy that’s customized for your business. Our comprehensive approach maximizes the ROI of your insurance spend.


CoVerica is proud to be a Dallas-based firm, and we believe that our friendly, straightforward, Texan-style communication benefits our clients. We also believe that our clients benefit by being able to take advantage of opportunities outside the state without worrying about coverage. That’s why we write policies in 40 states.

A lot of insurance agents can shop different carriers for their clients, but they don’t have the depth CoVerica does. They may not have direct access to carriers (vs. wholesalers). If they are working with a wholesaler (a middleman), they are predisposed to serve the carrier’s best interest vs. yours. You simply don’t get direct access to the underwriter to advocate your case (but you will see additional fees and commissions reflected in your total insurance cost).

It’s almost certain that other agencies don’t have our record of 30 years in the grocery store industry, and the level of connection and experience we have with a variety of industry leading carriers and policy types. This deep level of connection with our carriers lets us create complex, customized packages specific to your business.

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You'll never get that call from us. Never.To avoid surprises, we start early.

One of the biggest complaints we hear about other insurance agencies is that they take a hands-off approach regarding renewals. Many clients don’t hear from their agent until a few days before their renewal date. We don’t do that. As part of our consultative approach, we stay in touch with you from day one. Not only do we assist with claims, review contracts, and provide policy services, we meet with you throughout the year, so that we know what’s happening with your business and any adjustments to your policies that may need to be made to maximize your ROI. And when it comes time to renew, we make sure it’s a painless, simple process—just part of a typical business cycle.

You’ll hear from us 90 days before your policy renewal date. We’ll meet to discuss your needs and the changes in both your business and the insurance environment. This timely approach allows us to go back to market to find other options if need be, and to come to you with a bind-able quote well before renewal, giving you time to make an informed decision.

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