Did you know that some insurance policies will not provide coverage for on-hook exposure? Or if it tips over? Some policies don’t cover mechanical breakdown or losses dues to boom overload or subsidence. Other policies may include these risks but not provide enough coverage.

In heavy construction, frequency of loss is typically not the problem, it’s severity! That’s when your insurance must go from zero to hero!

So, do you know exactly what your policy covers? We suspect not. Too often we review existing policies for our new clients and find “insurance speak” terms that leave big risks uncovered.

It’s all too easy to miss omissions in your insurance policy, and those omissions can easily turn into risks that come back to bite you in the wallet. That’s why you need us. We have over 30 years experience insuring heavy construction businesses, including:

Crane & Rigging
Heavy Haul
Steel Erectors
Pier Drilling
Pile Driving
Concrete Pumping
Scaffolding Erection

Since we have strategic partnerships with virtually every company serving these classes of business, we can put together exactly the package you need. We understand the unique risks associated with the heavy construction industry—and we go the extra mile to understand your company and/or project’s specific needs.

We advise clients on managing heavy construction risk related to:

Workers’ Compensation
On-Hook and Riggers Liability
General Liability
Umbrella/Excess Liability
Commercial Auto Liability
Contractor’s Equipment
Motor Truck Cargo
Property Coverage  

Management & Professional
Services Environmental Risks
Cyber Risks
International Exposures
Claims & Risk Control
Contract Review
Certificate Review & Tracking
And more!