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  • Home Insurance Does Not Cover Damage by Flood
  • Flood Is Defined as Any Rising Water In or Around Your Home
  • Flood Policies For Both In & Out of Flood Zones
  • We Represent Both The NFIP As Well As National Excess Carriers
  • Expert Staff Here To Handle Any Situation
  • Let Us Have a Consultative Discussion On Your Flood Insurance Needs
  • Need Even More Coverage? Just Tell Us. Excess Flood Can Be Added To Any Policy.

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Everything You Need To Know About Flood Insurance In A Consultative Call

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Water is pretty amazing stuff. We need it to survive and use it to cool off in the hot Texas Summer, but what about when it comes pouring under the front door? Get a flood insurance quote to protect your home and your stuff against flood damage. At CoVerica, we’re here to advise you on how to buy flood insurance and give you options for coverage levels that meet or exceed the needs of your home and family. From $25,000 in coverage to over a million dollars, our flood insurance experts will help you fill the gaps in insuring your home.

Did you know that ALL homeowner’s insurance policies exclude damage caused by a flood? That’s right, there is not a home insurance policy available from any insurance company that covers flood damage to your home. All flood insurance must be purchased through an additional policy to cover this excluded peril. By insurance standards, we define flood damage as any damage that originates from outside, rising waters. This could be from torrential rain, hurricane or tropical storm, or even a civil water discharge such as a dam or levee release.

How much do Flood Policies cost? Assuming your home is not in a flood plane, flood policies typically start for around $200 a year for basic coverage that could help with remediation and floor damage depending on the size and trim level of your home. If you’re in a flood zone, flood insurance will be mandated from your mortgage lender as part of the loan process. These policies can start at about a $1,000 dollars a year and go up from there depending on the value of your home.

CoVerica recommends a flood policy to bridge the gap for flood coverage that every homeowner’s insurance policy excludes.

I’m Not In a Flood Zone, Why Do I Need Flood Insurance?

That’s a great question so let’s take a look at some facts from the Hurricane Harvey that recently hit Houston, TX in 2017.

  • 27 Trillion Gallons Of Rain Fell – Hurricane Harvey moved into the area and simply stalled over the Houston area dumping over 51 inches of rain in some parts of Texas. This record hasn’t been broken since 1950.
  • Hurricane Harvey Damage Estimates Run $25,000,000,000 More Than Katrina  – The damage from Hurricane Harvey will take years to rebuild, possibly up to a decade. Those who went uninsured may never be able to rebuild or return to the area and are relying on federal disaster funds and charity for recovery.
  • 1 and 4 Flood Claims Were Not In A Flood Zone – Since Flood Insurance isn’t mandatory unless you are mortgaging a home in a floodplain, many Texans took the risk of going uninsured for flood or were simply ill-informed that their homeowner’s insurance covers flood damage.
  • You Can’t Buy Flood Insurance Right Before A Storm – We had a few calls from Texas and Florida from folks who were looking to buy insurance before the Hurricane made landfall. Unfortunately, Flood Insurance is not available to purchase if “impending damage” is expected. Insurers will issue a “moratorium” to insurance agents looking to place new Flood Insurance policies until the storm has subsided. The time to buy Flood Insurance is when you don’t expect a Flood to happen.

I Am In A Flood Zone, How Is The Process Different?

Since you’re located in a flood zone, we’ll handle the buying process about the same way but you can expect higher premiums. We will analyze applicable flood zones with our software mapping tools to determine that you are indeed in a flood zone and that this corresponds to your flood certificate. You would be surprised just how often we find out that a house is improperly categorized in the wrong zone or has recently been recategorized out of a zone; therefore, not requiring flood insurance. We’ll also look at your lender’s requirement for flood insurance to make sure that we’ve got the right amount selected and that excess flood insurance is not required. Once we present prices and options to you, we’ll work directly with your lender to get the policies setup under escrow along with your homeowner’s insurance policy.