CoVerica Cares – CoVerica Matches Donations For #NorthTexasGivingDay

CoVerica founded CoVerica Cares in 2018 with the mission to give back to charities that we know will responsibly use both volunteer hours as well as donated funds effectively and efficiently in our North Texas community.

This year we put out a challenge to the CoVerica Team to raise $5,000 as part of Communities Foundation’s North Texas Giving Day. We’re excited to report that we were able to contribute the following for our four selected 2018 charities:

  • Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support: $1,357.96
  • In-Sync Wildlife Rescue & Educational Center: $1,082.46
  • North Texas Food Bank: $1,379.41
  • …and The Warren Center for Children with Developmental Differences: $1,434.96

For a total contribution of $5,314.80. This amount was then generously matched by Communities Foundation of Texas as part of their North Texas Giving Day for a total of $10,629.60. Together with other businesses, we were able to contribute a grand total of $48,479,823.00 to more than 2,700 North Texas Non-Profits on a single day.


You can find more about Communities Foundation of Texas and their North Texas Giving Day here on their website.

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