CoVerica at Dallas Life

As a large Dallas Insurance Agency, CoVerica not only values our clients but also our community. That’s why for the past couple of days we’ve been volunteering at Dallas Life. Dallas Life is a homeless shelter located in downtown Dallas that offers food, shelter, clothing and much more for those in need. Their facility is 100,000 square feet and is capable of housing up to 700 men, women and children per day. They also have 50 individual family unit rooms, which allow children to reside with their parents.

Dallas Life offers counseling services and even provides medical, dental and vision care for residents at a free clinic on-site. Residents go through a “New Life Recovery Program” where they are educated and trained properly so that they’re able to get a job and become productive members of society. They do this with structured courses, GED assistance, resume prep, job search assistance and more.

This was our second year volunteering with Dallas Life, and we actually had more volunteers than we did last year! CoVerica has always been gracious enough to treat employees to lunch after serving as well! We had fourteen volunteers on day 1 and eleven on day 2 and served approximately 1,000 to 1,200 meals each day.

If you would like to find out more about Dallas Life or make a donation, please go to the Dallas Life website.

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