Claims Scenario – I wrecked a borrowed car… now what?

I remember hearing this from my friend’s parents in High School when we would borrow the car, “If you wreck that car, insurance won’t cover it.” If I had a time machine, I would go back and tell Mr. Jones “WRONG!”

This is what is called permissive use, and it IS covered under every auto policy I have ever seen. When someone lets you borrow their car, they also let you borrow their insurance as well since “Permissive Use” is extended to anyone that uses your vehicle with permission. That last part is key. It has to have been with permission from the car/policy owner. In the business, we say that the insurance follows the car, not the driver. An additional note to make, if you wreck someone’s car you can not file it on your insurance, you would file it on the vehicle owner’s insurance. The kind thing to do would maybe cover their deductible since you caused the accident.

Please note: I apologize to the 16-year-olds reading this. If you borrowed mom’s car without her knowledge, then you are in a pile of it if you get into an accident.

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